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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 6, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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and through her parents under the bus. the army psychiatrist charged in the ford hood shooting faced the death penalty for the massacre. new details on the trial coming up. and box three, how do pilots manning a southwest airlines jet reacted when a 6' hole ripped into the fuselage? we have the cockpit recordings and we will play them for you. all that unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" but, first, from fox at 3:00, less than 24 hours from now casey anthony could be free. judge perry scheduled to sentence her tomorrow on four misdemeanor counts of lying. this after the jury acquitted the mom of first-degree murder, second degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and child abuse. not guilty on the most serious
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charges. the panel rejected the claim that casey anthony suffocated her daughter using duct tape. an alternate has been speaking saying he agrees with the verdict. >> it was the right decision made. the prosecution does not meet the burden. he did not show us the evidence that was good enough for a conviction. >> the facts not in dispute are that casey anthony did not report her daughter missing, she did, in fact, go out partying, got a new tattoo that said "the beautiful life." she also lied to police repeatedly. and of that, the jury agreed she's guilty and found she lied to the detective when she told him that she worked for universal studios. she lied again when she said she left caylee with the fictitious
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babysitter. she lied when she said she told universal employees about the disappearance and she lied again when she got a phone call from, when she said she got a call from caylee on july 15th 2008. so, if casey anthony gets out this week it is still unclear exactly where she will go. her parents, well, barely reacted when the verdict came doubt. and if casey anthony celebrated with lawyers, her mother and father already had left the courtroom. remember, the trial she accused her dad of molesting her and covering up the death of caylee. and now to our correspondent who has been outside the courthouse awaiting the sentencing phase. what would have to happen for casey to go free? phil: well, that would take a supreme act of sympathy but throughout the entire trial and jury selection process he issued out without hesitation several
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contempt of court citations involving jail time or big fines to several people. but he does have the power to set her free. but if she is convicted and sentenced on the full one year for each of the four counts you have four years for that and she has been in jail two years and ten months and she served a year for the six counts and convictions of check fraud she was convicted of last year when spending her girlfriend's money while not reporting kay low's whereabouts, and that would put, if it is the hard-line taken by the judge, who could say you still have two years and three months to serve with good behavior, maybe, two years, maybe 22 ins, so the obligations -- so the openings or two years or she could be freed. 30 people have gathered. people from the public aiming to get the 4:00 issuing of passes to get inside the courtroom for
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tomorrow morning's 9:00 a.m. sentencing. they will get the seats and clearly it is worth the wait. >> her parents indicated repeatedly throughout the trial she thought she was responsible for the child's death. it would be ridiculous to think she would go do their house. >> their official line was they just don't know the truth. so it is a strained relationship between the anthony parents, george and cindy and their daughter, and it seems unlikely she would go back to the house. here is a look outside the home where we set up camp coughing the trial as the nation wandered and searched for, where is caylee? they release add statement after the verdict. "despite the baseless defense claims chosen by casey the family believed the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented and the rules given to them by the judge perry to guide them."
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that's all they have said and according to the attorney they are not making any oncamera appearances any time soon. >> i read reports there are death threats against the family. phil: according to the attorney they have had "serious safety concerns." "serious security concerns." and the sheriff even set up extra deputies in the neighborhood last night and throughout today because what they want to prevent is what happened back in 2008 when casey anthony having been released on bond was rearrested on first-degree murder and there was a mob mentality and a big crowd of people screaming and yelling "baby killer," and the sheriff yesterday pleading with the public to accept this verdict whether you take casey anthony, whether you think she got away with murder or not. >> thank you, phil, from outside the courthouse. and he mentioned the attorney will be live on fox report. so, sentencing tomorrow morning,
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9:00 and our legal panel has a look at what to expect the former prosecutor legal analyst and criminal defense attorney randy zelin with arthur idol there. randy you said they did not make the case for murder one, and i guess they did not make the case for a darn thing. >> the defense that we all had, the sense we had putting aside emotion and anger, that if they would try the case based on premeditation and execution, they did not have it and we thought because the behavior they would punish her even if inappropriate and convict her of something based on her behavior. but the jury as we have seen letly did the right thing, came back with the right verdict. >> swiftly. swiftly. swiftly, 12 people agreed so quickly. >>shepard: ten hours i have seen a lot of trials go shorter. it was quick in the grand scheme in question. >> a death penalty case, 300
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pieces of evidence, they did not ask to have read back. but they all agreed so quickly there is no murder. >>shepard: what could the prosecution have done? we know, some things we know are factual. the little girl she claimed drown in the pool and the family says that is base mis. we know the little girl was done for 31 somedays and she partied lookic a rock star and she wrote "good life," on a tattoo and we know she talks about riding a book and we know something is wrong. what could the prosecutors have done to make this woman pay for the things we know she did? >>guest: they could have done two things. one, when you kow something is in the cool and you go ahead and close your eyes and do it that is called being reckless. when you don't recognize something isn't cool but you should have and you do something bad, that's call negligence.
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they're both crimes. if the prosecution proceed on that, she knocked the kid identity because she wanted to party and overdosed the kid and killed her there would not have been a trial. there would have been no tv courage or a trial. >>shepard: could her family, does her family have any retribution against her for alleging that she was sexually molested in her home by her brother and father if that is not true? >>guest: i do not believe they would have any retribution against her. what i thought was interesting in the statement from the family they refer to their daughter as "casey anthony." they did not say our daughter, it--. >>shepard: wasn't it clear to you, maybe it, well, it certainly matters when the mom and dad do not crack a smile or make a face and walk out of the
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courtroom. that says something. >>guest: there was a party basically in that courtroom, hugging and kissing and crying and they were gone. at the same time, george anthony was holding a bible sitting in the back. at the same time we reported that mom, cindy anthony testified she researched for chloroform to save her daughter. so they have been consistent about being very in consistent from day one until today. >>guest: this case was about behavior at the inception and at the conclusion, was about behavior. it is bizarre how throughout her behavior, the anthony family behavior, the anthony family behavior during the trial, this case has been all about behavior. but you don't get a conviction based on behavior. >>shepard: the sad part to me, a little girl was turned on the side of a road in a bag, duct tape on her face, and i don't know if she keyed in somebody's presence but i know her little
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body was left on the side of the road and i have a two-year-old nephew and i can't imagine the horror of a little kid on the side of the road like that and now the reality that whoever did this is going to face no justice and casey anthony is going to become and we all know it, unless she screws up royally, a multi-millionaire. >>guest: i was the one and i admit saying even though the hard evidence wasn't here, that this jury was going do convict this woman on general principle. that was the line, because of what you just said, and she was the only one they could blame. she was the only one, the only option the jury had for the little girl being in the mud and bags and duct tape and i thought based on the point you made that's why they would convict her of a lesser charge. what i am sure tomorrow, that judge will look at her and say, when everyone was looking for
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your daughter you were leading everyone on a wild goose chase lying and lying and lying. >>shepard: and the grandparents searched for the child she talked about universal studio and now the theory in the going which was never explored with evidence or in any other way was shes with molested by her father and her brother and it screwed her up to levels that most people could never imagine and she took this horror and put it in a box to keep it inaccessible so she could spy and the same thing happened after this child died. they never explored any of it. it was all a load of crap. the only thing that is true is when they looked for her now lifeless body she was pointing like this. the mother of that child having a tattoo done. there's a special place in hell for that. >>guest: that's why i think the judge will give her the maximum sentence he possibly
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can. just for that. which will be six years in prison. >>shepard: from what i know of things, there is a special place in hell. if you do like that with your child missing. i was horrified yesterday. i'm not saying they didn't do the right thing based on the evidence. i'm not saying the system doesn't work. it did work. but something is very when a two-year-old child is left in a bag on the side of the road and her mother does this. >>guest: and because of that all the evidence disappeared. because of what you are just saying all the evidence to really bring justice was gone. the state attorney referred to this yesterday in the press conference, as a dry bones case. there was no blood. no fluid. barely any skin. they could not truly solve the murder the way they wanted to because somebody put the girl in the bag and threw her on the road. >>guest: that's the problem, the way they wanted to, not
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based on the evidence not based on the way they could prove. >>shepard: got a road map to future child killers, i guess, just hide the bones. breaking news, guys, thank you very much. appreciated your contributions the last few months. few years, i guess. a horrible earthquake a 7.9 earthquake on the scale which just struck off the islands north and east of new zealand. that's all i know. it crossed as "flash urgent," through the associated press in the last 30 seconds, a 7.9 is a monster earthquake. we will have no idea about tsunami warnings but hope to
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after the commercial break.
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>>shepard: breaking news, a tsunami warning is issued for new zealand, and islands off the coast, and tonga. again, as i mentioned before the commercial break, a 7.9 earthquake reported there in the islands off the coast of new
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zealand and now that is said to be a 7.8 earthquake and the tsunami warning is issued. it is in the middle of nowhere, far away from populated areas but if there is a tsunami due south from this thing, that is new zealand's largest city. reports are saying it is northeast of new zealand. no pictures, no tsunami that we know of, but a everyone withing. there is a strong 7.8 earthquake reported halfway around the world. first, though, big news. the mob boss bulger pleaded not guilty today in a courtroom in massachusetts, to the murders of 19 people. the prosecution claims bulger gunned down his rivals and strangled a woman with his bear hands while he led the white hill gang the first time bulger has answered to criminal charges
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in two decades and alluded police for years until the feds tracked him to a rent stabilized apartment in california. and our new england correspondent is live outside the u.s. district court in boston. molly, tell us what happened in court today. >>reporter: victim family members were inside and former investigators that long been trying to bring whitey to justice to see him arraigned and face the music on the 19 murder allegations, accused of committing them in the 1970's and 80's and 1990's, men, women, both victims, and there were young women in their 20's victims, and millionaires, and rival gangsters, mobsters, and, today, it was a chance for the families to take a look at bulger who was subdued in court more so than previously and free repeatedly said not guilty claiming innocence.
3:19 pm
>>shepard: what did his attorney say, today, molly? >>reporter: well, interesting. he talked about how complicated the case would be. take a listen. >> the prosecution has had 20 years to prepare for the trial. i have been on the case, now, about five days. i have in the received a single piece of paper from the government regarding discovery so i have no idea how long this trial will take. >>reporter: he gave interesting insight into whitey say there have been allegations that perhaps he was suffered from a type of alzheimer's disease and he says that is not the case and he is smart, he has a great memory, and he has been relatively lessant so this is just the beginning and we will, i am sure, hear more about the allegationses. >>shepard: thank you, molly. you have seen the pictures of the dust form in phoenix, yet? we will show you what it looked like inside and outside the big
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>>shepard: the former major league baseball roger clemens won more than 350 games over a quarter of a century and faces up to 30 years in prison on six charges including lying to congress. the trial started in washington, dc, with jury selection. he has 11 all star selections, two world series titles, and a former trainer claims drugs helped him along the way. chief correspondent jonathan hunt, in new york city, today. jonathan, the roger clemens, he is not being prosecuted for drug taking but for lying about said drug taking.
3:24 pm
>> this is perjury and making false statements and one of those allegedly false statements, the most public of them, came in front of the house committee investigating drug use in baseball, back in 2008. listen, now, as roger clemens talks about the report by former senator george mitchell into drug taking and accusations by his former trainer that he used performance enhancing drug. >> i am not saying the report is entirely wrong but i am saying brian's statements about me are wrong. let me be clear: i have never taken steroids. >>jonathan: that was perjury and that is why he is being prosecuted. >>shepard: there could be a parade of big names along, rather, among the witnesses. >>jonathan: could. for the against, the lawyers have hinted they could call wade bogs and all star pitcher,
3:25 pm
former teammates, of roger clemens and andy petit could be charged. he said that clemens said to him in 1999 or 2000 he did, indeed, take performance enhancing drugs so if those people are called to give testimony in this trial it will be quite a blockbuster and could split baseball. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. the reaction still pouring in, to the casey anthony verdict. next, live to central florida to find out what people are saying about the case. plus, geraldo will talk about a huge amount of cash, casey anthony, the mother of the year could make and what it could mean. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans
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>>shepard: monitoring developments on the earthquake off the coast of new zealand a
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7.8 earthquake magnitude earthquake. there is a tsunami warning in place but no report of damage and no report of injury, no report of a tsunami but it is early. we don't yet know what this earthquake is going to do or has done. we hope to know in the next few minutes and the moment we know you will know. this is "studio b," the bottom of the hour and time for the top the news. no matter what happens, casey anthony can never again face murder charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter. the jury acquitted the hard partying mother of killing her own child but tomorrow the judge will hand down his sentence after a jury found her guilty of telling a series of lies to the investigators. and our affiliate in orlando, florida, is with us. what is the security going to be
3:30 pm
like? >>reporter: orlando police and officers are trying to figure out what they will do if judge perry says, okay, she is free to go. will she be released? if she is from the courthouse or will it be from jail. yesterday, this were 150 officers in the town on what is called an emergency response team of 45-minute call out unless it get too hectic or at the anthony home and they are in meetings to try to figure out how many people they need to put on stand by just in case judge perry actually lets her walk out of jail temperature. >>shepard: live pictures, the parents of casey anthony, they are -- the brother pulled into the house. lee anthony, that is one of the many members of the family she threw under the bus, and lee anthony accused of sexually
3:31 pm
molesting her and of course he testified over and over and over again in the trial. we're learn new details on the woman casey originally claimed kay low was with when missing, right? >>reporter: the attorney, we knew would not wait long for this. there was a notice filed for deposition and he wanted to talk to casey anthony because he believes soon she could actually get out of jail and he wanted to have a conversation with her, and wants to depose her and he wants her to admit you said your daughter drowned in the pool and he also wanted her to admit that the gonzalez, the nanny, was made up, and so far their attorneys say we can't do any of that right now because of the case we are dealing with, but, obviously, casey anthony stands to make a lot of money and of
3:32 pm
course gonzalez, if she will file the civil suit, wants to get in on that. >>shepard: thank you, russian -- shannon, and this is orange county sheriff, and neighbors, or something, why know who the people are but i can tell you that lee anthony, the brother of casey anthony, accused of molesting her came to the home according to the producers and that is the anthony family home and you will remember that after this officially happened and they had, who can ever forget george anthony coming out of there with the butterfly t-shirt on screaming at the media, and think what this family has been through, the grandfather and grandmother of the now dead child over three years and now as the cops come to the home, what an empty feeling it must be
3:33 pm
if, in fact, there is in involvement in any way, and there is no evidence to suggest there is, what an empty feeling it must be for george and cindy anthony who picked up the phone talking to 911, i found my daughter's car and it has been 31 days, and it smells, the damn thing smells like a dead body. i heard someone on the radio say what does a dead body smell like. well, if you ever smell one, you will never confuse it again with anything. and the ducks going by. the reporters and photographers have been outside the homes, this home, for a long time. and i guess it is not over. the big question now is what is next for casey anthony? before her arrest back in 2008 she was live there with her paints and the word was her mother, cindy, was mostly raising the child but after the against team accused her father and brother of abusing her it is looking unlikely she will go
3:34 pm
back there and then there is the money she could make if she sells the story. according to florida law someone convicts of a crime cannot profit but if you are not convicted, you -- well, officers going into the house. look at this. if you are found not guilty you and profit. there is george anthony. let's see if we can hear. >>shepard: that is all we have
3:35 pm
seen of george anthony in the last 22 hours. george anthony back into the house and we don't know what the sheriff delivered. maybe they will say something. he is an imposing figure, isn't he? >> are they doing okay? >> okay. >> have they been getting threats? >> not to my knowledge. >> nothing they have reported to you? >> not that i know. (inaudible). >> you told them how to contact you if there is a problem. okay, thank you. >> these pictures are only on
3:36 pm
fox as our producer is out there, sort of monitoring the house to see the comings and goings and according to the officer there from the orange county sheriff, they delivered some information to the anthony family how they could contact the sheriff, if necessary, probably security precautions underway for tomorrow morning. and now, over to geraldo as we watch the pictures who is live waiting for the sentencing there. he is on 10:00 eastern on the fox news channel. i was on the beach yesterday chilling, and, jaw dropped and i must confess, a little bit emotional watching that. mighty sad for that little girl. >> it was an oh my god moment, something nobody expected acquittal on all the serious
3:37 pm
charges. i have been saying since day one, capital murder, the death penalty was totally inappropriate, a political prosecution in that sense and a thousand americans babies die each year mostly at hands of their parents and they never go for the death penalties, it only happened twice in florida history, both serial murders but i expected manslaughter and a negotiated sentence, and what happened was staggering, it really was. >>shepard: what happens tomorrow? what can this judge do? >> well, i like this judge. i disagree with many of the rulings in terms of being, you know, almost invariably pro prosecution, letting in the kitchen sink in terms of the evidence but he controlled the courtroom and he had a sense of dignity and i thought his legal research on the fly was impressive and i cannot imagine
3:38 pm
that he will let this woman go free to step in the center -- you mention an earthquake in new zealand -- there will be an earthquake in orlando if they let her out there is a lynch mob mentality particularly here in this community where they have had nothing but three years of the most extreme rhetoric directed her way. >>shepard: this is the woman who did this when they were searching for her child: she said go this way, go that way, and according to her own lawyers , her child was in a bag and reduced to bone on the side offed road and she is telling people to go this way or that way, i get it that central florida is upset. don't you? >> i get it but if you are asking me what will happen to casey anthony tomorrow, and i'm
3:39 pm
answering that i think judge perry if he has any rue dense and i believe he does will keep her in for weeks and months and let tempers cool down a bit because she has no place to go. she can't go back to that house. that relationship is poison. she has as far as i know, no, she has her lawyers, of course, and maybe baez and his wife can help guide her. >>shepard: is that normal? i heard you say that baez might be going to help her out. >> what is normal in this case? jose baez, his family has been attacked in a way that has been at whatever she did, however hideous her behavior was, he was her lawyer. and for him to be persecuted and criticized by two bit lawyers
3:40 pm
here who have never litigated--. >>shepard: like who? >> like mark nejay, strutting around like he is william jennings bryant or perry mason, but jose baez did a good job. he stood his ground. the jury obviously believed him. were more than they did ashton. i have not heard anybody criticize the prosecutor who sat there. i was 15' away from ashton when as baez presented the closing arguments and he is laughing, like the bully in public school, trying to upset the oral presentation for final argument. it was pathetic. the debate was so unsided. we know she is a horrible person but the state did not prove that she killed that precious child and as a lawyer that is what i
3:41 pm
am trying to focus on and it is difficult because everyone, it is so easy, you know, i got nancy grace over here 100 yours away and for three years she has exaggerated every bit of evidence the prosecution has and minimized every bit of evidence that the against has, that heart shaped sticker that never existed on the duct tape, the 84 searches for chloroform that was one search that lasted three minutes, the partying aspect of casey anthony happening after the child is dead, that is what they convicted her on, or what they tried to convict her on, on her character, rather than, did she commit this crime? no d.n.a. no fingerprints. no motive. what was the motive? she was already partying. what was her alibi? my child is with this nanny or that. how many day could that alibi
3:42 pm
last before someone said if i don't see the baby i will call the could bees and in the anthony family it took 31 some days n my house it would take three days. in the negligent house it would take months but it would have been at a time of reckoning. the state really blew this, they never had a motive or a cause of death and they never -- why won't she sufficient -- suffocate the child with a billow in why use chloroform they sleep 12 hours a day? that is my point of view. >>shepard: a lot there. glad to hear it. we will look forward to hearing you tomorrow. and this weekend, geraldo, at 10:00 eastern time and 9:00 in oxfords. geraldo, at large. stay tuned.
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3:46 pm
in 2009 and is now paralyzed from the waist down after a police officer shot him during the rampage. the lawyer tells our news division that the death penalty decision did not come as a surprise. >> we hear brand new audio recordings of an emergency aboard a southwest airlines flight, a hole ripped open in the hole of the plane as it was flying at 34,000' in april on a flight from phoenix to sacramento. we are told the oxygen masks dropped and moments later the pilot radioed a control tower for help. here it is. >> southwest, is that you? >> yes. emergency landing of the emergency. we got a hole in the back of the airline. >>shepard: the plan made an emergency landing in an airport in yuma, and officials did not report any serious injury. investigators discovered a hole in the fuselage 6' long.
3:47 pm
trace, sounds like the pilot made according to observers, all the right decisions? >>trace: yes. the first decision was to get the plane below 36,000', at 500 miles per hour you have oxygen masks deployed, and you have a 6' hole in the fuselage so he brought the pilot below 10,000 feet because that is where the passengers can breathe without the oxygen masks. that is very important. the pilot was going down to that altitude with or without permission. listen. >> you like 10,000 feet can you approve that? >> i am doing it anyway. >> descending to 10,000 feet. all he was doing it anyway, the pilot did fly down to that level and the reminder of the flight was below 10,000 feet. >>shepard: what happened after that? >> had to find a place to land
3:48 pm
quickly. the pilot first wanted to turn around and go back to phoenix but that was too far away. then the air traffic controller suggested they go to a small airports in california or fly to palm spring but the pilot had a better idea. listen. >> how far away is yuma? >> that is 3:00 position and 50 miles. >> we will take yuma. >> and they landed safely in yuma and no one was hurt. the plane? with the hole? is being put back in service at the end of the month. >>shepard: for a hole repair? man, that was fortunate. trace, thank you. clean up time around phoenix after a massive mile high dust -- dust storm swept through.
3:49 pm
this is not unusual in phoenix but these pictures are nuts forcing the international airport to shut down for an hour. storm ripped out trees, knocked out power and 9,000 customers and driving was difficult and this was a slight chance of more thunderstorms blowing dust and it got into the airport and you and in the see from the 9th floor. it was crazy in phoenix yesterday. the jury in the casey anthony case deliberated less than 11 hours. they never asked to see one shred of evidence. we will look at what might have swayed them. can you think of anything? are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: breaking news on fox news channel, and there is a tsunami from the earthquake in new zealand. i learned this in the last three or four seconds and i got a write through, this is reuters news agency, from washington, dc, quoting and i will read it because i don't have independent information. "a powerful 7.8 earthquake struck new zealand's islands triggering a tsunami in the region," and they are yeting the united states pacific center. the earthquake was reported at 7.9 and triggered a tsunami warning for new zealand and tonga and "sea level reading confirm add tsunami was generated and this may have been destructive along the coastline of a region near the epicenter," and that is from the u.s. pacific tsunami center in the last minute. it struck at 7:03 a.m. local
3:54 pm
time three minutes after 3:00 p.m. eastern daylight time and the epicenter 131 miles east of the kermadec islands and 30 miles deep. now, often when the quakes are not deep and is not very deep, that can mean a larger tsunami. the waves were but 2.2 to 2.7' high. but here is the thing. tsunamis have different heights this different directions. we learned this from the last one. a tsunami can spread out like a rock hitting the water and hitting a swimming pool and make a ripple but with a tsunami it is stronger sometimes in one direction than the other. for instance, it could have cracked in this way and sent the water this way.
3:55 pm
coat have cracked in that way. you never know how it will work. and jonathan hunt is with us. how soon could this hit land, do we know? >>jonathan: the epicenter was 500 miles north east of the north coast of new zealand's north island and right in the center of that north coastline on the north island of new zealand is the biggest city, and we are told that the tsunami could hit there and if you look at the north island it is in the middle of that northern line and it could hit there in three hours of that earthquake actually happening so that would put it a little over two hours from now the biggest city of new zealand that could be hit by the tsunami. >>shepard: why have a way to know how big this is but around the island it was 2.2' to 2.6' high and that would not do that much damage but lock at new
3:56 pm
zealand television. it is the morning show there. don't they seem concerned? >>jonathan: the tv morning show having lived there a while is not a hard news outlet, but you would expect to have a little more coverage of what is really going on there. >>shepard: what i meant, i was not condemning them i am thinking maybe they know more than we do. >>jonathan: the civil against are at the moment advising people to stay away from the beach but they are getting their information from the u.s. and because they only announced just two minutes ago that a tsunami had actually formed they may not have gotten into full breaking news mode yet to give them the thumb's up. >>shepard: there is no warning for hawaii, no warnings for any other areas of the pacific ocean but, clearly, a 7.8 earthquake nothing to mess and with. details as we get them through
3:57 pm
the afternoon and the dow jones industrial average up 50 points. [ male announcer ] the network --
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